The next big thing in health and safety: wellness in the workplace

The next big thing in health and safety: wellness in the workplace

What is workplace wellness?


Most companies that are implementing work wellness programs take into consideration only one of its elements: physical health. This approach is better than nothing, but organisations are missing many more benefits brought by the other components of workplace wellness. Before revealing the most important benefits of having a complete employee wellness program, let’s see all its elements.


The physical wellness


As its name implies, this component refers to the wellbeing of the physical body that can be assured through exercising, healthy eating and preventive healthcare. Here, the companies can support their employees’ physical wellness by offering biometric screenings, flu shots, nutrition courses, healthy snacks and even a place to work out in the office.


The social wellness


When your employees feel socially connected with their colleagues, they’ll be more productive and they’ll find it easier to work in teams. Work celebrations, book clubs, games evenings, team outings and activities are a few ideas on how to assure social wellness in your company.


The financial wellness


It’s not new news that financial worries can affect the mental wellbeing of new people and companies might say that it’s not their concern that their employees have financial issues, but it is, indirectly. Financial stress can greatly influence the performance of any person and that’s why it’s recommended that organisations help their staff by providing financial education and even financial resources and support.


The emotional wellness

Last, but surely not least, the emotional wellness component refers to supporting your employees in achieving a healthy mental state and well-being. This can be done through stress management programs, meditation and breathing classes, and more importantly mental health training. Here you can find more details of the mental health course that we provide.

Why companies need workplace wellness


  1. Greater productivity – when your employees are physically healthy, love the social environment they work in, don’t worry about money and are not stressed, they will surely be more productive and less exposed to accidents.
  2. Reduced costs – having healthy employees has both direct and indirect financial benefits, and can massively reduce the healthcare costs for your organisation.
  3. Increased presentism - Optum's 10th annual Wellness in the Workplace study shows that 79% of employers say they offer wellness programs to improve presentism.
  4. Business growth – last but now least, having a complete workplace wellbeing program implemented in your company will indirectly drive business growth through the employees that will feel physically able and mentally and emotionally motivated to strive at their jobs.


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