Why Health and Safety Risk Assessments Should Be Carried Out

Why Health and Safety Risk Assessments Should Be Carried Out

The law requires employers to conduct adequate and appropriate Health and Safety Risk Assessments of all work activities? But what more than complying with the legislation is in it for you?

Risk Assessment = Opportunity

We would say an opportunity to evaluate business risks, eliminate or reduce them where possible and, more importantly, seek to reduce losses and insurance costs benefits; for you, your staff, your customers, your reputation, and your brand.


So, where do you start when there are so many issues that need considering within any business? Our Health and Safety experts here at Line Business Services would recommend the one-day ‘Risk Assessment’ course.

This will enable delegates to:

  • Understand the concept of hazard, risk, and accident.
  • Understand the process and stages of effective risk assessments.
  • Be able to conduct suitable risk assessments and make judgements on risk control measures.
  • Be able to rank risks and set priorities.

You need sensible Health and Safety measures to go alongside your business. Conducting a risk assessment is a starting point for effective Health and Safety risk control programs for all employers seeking to identify risks and reduce injury or loss potential throughout their company.


What can a Health and Safety Risk Assessment do for your business?


At Line Business Services we believe there are many benefits to conducting a Risk Assessment that you could use within your business e.g.


Identify your businesses vulnerabilities

Implementing the appropriate Health and Safety measures within your business requires considering all areas of threat. A Risk Assessment will evaluate both internal and external hazards that could occur. This will benefit your business as you can see a clear outline of any risks that might arise and how you could mitigate them to reduce your exposure.


Strategic planning

What happens with this list of potential risks that you identify? Well, understanding the possible Health and Safety issues you might have within your business makes it even easier to plan how to mitigate their threats before they occur. At Line Business Services, we pride ourselves on being at the end of the phone whenever our clients need help. If you have any problems, we want to know about them to help get your business running safely again.


Spending awareness – Health & Safety costs money

Remember that potential Health and Safety risks can end up being expensive if ignored, and the last thing you want is to have a big lump sum of money leaving your account. The details you will receive from your workplace Health and Safety Risk Assessment can help you understand the financial costs that could occur and can help you justify your spending appropriately.


Increased productivity

Your end goal is to make your business grow, and everyone knows that employees are at the heart of any business. Risk assessments will make you aware of the potential barriers within the workplace, making it a little bit simpler for you to solve. By managing or removing these risks, you will increase productivity within the business. Remember that it’s important for all employees to feel safe in their workplace.


The good news is a risk assessment doesn’t have to cost you the earth. If it can keep your business safe by highlighting the potential Health and Safety risks within your company, it will show its worth in the end.

If you would like help to undertake a workplace Health and Safety Risk Assessment for your business, get in touch with us at Line Business Services. We’d be happy to go over any additional questions you might have and help you understand why a risk assessment is best for you.


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