Post Lockdown Workplace Rules – We are here to help

Post Lockdown Workplace Rules – We are here to help

Our health and safety experts are here to help


As we move towards a potential relaxing of the COVID-19 lockdown rules, it would appear that employers will be required to effectively “self-certify” that they have completed a Risk Assessment for their staff to return to work.

The Government is currently working on guidance for this requirement, but it is almost certainly going to require employers to minimise numbers of staff using equipment, stagger shift time and breaks, maximise home-working, along with the guidance on where possible working 2m apart and increased hygiene measures.

Once it is confirmed what employers will be required to do, Line Business Services Health & Safety consultants will be available to undertake independent reviews of the risk assessments. This will give employers, employees, and customers reassurance the risk assessments are suitable and sufficient.

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In the meantime, check here what health and safety support you can get during this COVID-19 crisis. 


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