Oman: The Location For Your Adventure Activities Holiday

Oman: The Location For Your Adventure Activities Holiday

Our adventure activities experts are very pleased to share the news that we are now successfully collaborating with AMAN Consultancy and Business Development, providing them with a full tourism auditing and service.

AMAN Consultancy and Business Development are an Omani consultancy company with a highly collaborative team of experts specialising in Business Consultancy and Digital Transformation. They have been a dedicated company since 2017, specialising in optimising their client's business and processes; we are very happy to support them in continuing to deliver an excellent service.

Adventure Activities Classroom Training Course

AMAN was working on a project with the Ministry of Heritage & Tourism in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence in Oman. The project aimed to enhance the reputation of Oman as one of the world's best adventure activities tourism providers, as well as to protect the health and safety of all those engaged in these activities.

When AMAN approached Line Business Services, they had already produced an Auditing Scheme, and even if they were on their way to implementation, one key ingredient was missing: the experience of a reliable health and safety training provider. This is the moment we stepped in.

Our Head of Health & Safety Services, Wayne Davis, and our Tourism Auditing and Training expert, William (Mac) Mackay, worked closely with AMAN to review the Audit Scheme and put in place the outline of a training course suitable for the auditing team from the Ministry of Defence (The Adventure Tourism Centre).

Although there were challenges due to COVID-19, Line was able to get Mac into Oman on time for the planned 10-day training programme. Mac then worked with the delegates on how to audit Venture Activity Providers using the AMAN system but also passed on his wealth of experience in how Oman could become one of the first countries in the world to hold the updated ISO for Venture Tourism.

The training took place in the Jabal region of Oman, where the centre is located. Along with the classroom lectures, delegates also visited providers, where they put into practice all the information they had learnt. Their knowledge was continuously assessed for their new role in signing off venture providers against the Audit Scheme.

On the 27th of September, The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism is organizing an awareness campaign workshop for all the adventure tourism providers (companies and groups) in Muscat. The audience is expected to reach 125 participants, and a total of four different organizations will participate in spreading the awareness of the importance of health and safety management in adventure holiday activities. The participating organizations will include: the Ministry of Defense, The Civil Defense, The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, and AMAN in cooperation with Mac. The workshop will include a discussion session where the providers can ask about and share their knowledge about the safety considerations in outdoor adventure tourism activities.


If you have any questions or if you would like our help with Adventure Activities Audits, contact us on 0117 986 2194 or at [email protected].