Meeting the COVID Secure Requirements

Meeting the COVID Secure Requirements

Helping you meet your COVID Secure requirements!

Here at Line Business Services, we have a team of consultants with experience across a very wide range of business sectors. Our consultants can work with you to assist in the undertaking or review of your COVID-19 Health and Safety Risk Assessment. This will give you, as the employer, your employees, and customers, the confidence that this risk assessment has been done correctly and independently reviewed.

As with many Health & Safety requirements, input from various people within your organisation is very important. Likewise, having a fresh pair of eyes with experience in various work sectors can be helpful too.

The government’s guidance, where possible, is to work from home, but for businesses like manufacturing, factories, plants, warehousing, and construction, this requires people to be in their workplace. This link gives guidance for 14 different types of workplaces on what employers can do to make their site COVID Secure, as well as the Workplace Health and Safety Risk Assessments that can be undertaken. But, it is also worth ensuring that businesses take a pragmatic approach.

We have all seen the signs advising on social distancing and, of course, staff need reminding of this in their workplace. Simple procedures can be drawn up, covering things such as:

  • One-way system around the workplace
  • Use of welfare facilities
  • Looking at staff bubbles (teams that are not all in the office at the same time)
  • Staggered shift patterns
  • Increased cleaning procedures
  • Personal hygiene requirements


If you would like to discuss how Line Business Services can help you with your COVID-19 Health and Safety Risk Assessment, contact us on 0117 986 2194 or at [email protected].