COVID-19 Return to Work: Step 1

COVID-19 Return to Work: Step 1

The New COVID-19 Office Health and Safety Risk Assessment


As more and more workplaces re-open after the lockdown, employers are required to undertake a Risk Assessment that states they have done as much as it is reasonably practicable to make them “COVID-19 SECURE”.

The government, in conjunction with the HSE, business leaders and Unions, have produced detailed guidance for the businesses allowed to open during Step 1. Each business area has its guidance document, advising on areas they need to consider when completing their Workplace Health and Safety Assessment to measure the COVID-19 risk. These can be found here.

As with many Health and Safety Assessment requirements, obtaining input from various people within your organisation is of paramount importance. Similarly, having a highly experienced and independent review can be equally insightful and beneficial.

At Line Business Services, our team of Bristol health and safety consultants have experience across a very wide range of business sectors. Our consultants can work with you to assist in the undertaking of the COVID-19 Risk Assessment; this will give you, as the employer, your employees and customers confidence the office health and safety risk assessment has been completed correctly and independently reviewed. It can also be used to demonstrate to your insurers that your COVID-19 SECURE plan has been completed to a high standard and independently examined.


If you would like to discuss how Line Business Services can help you with your COVID-19 Health and Safety Risk Assessment, contact us on 0117 986 2194 or at [email protected].