Continued Health and Safety Services Support from LineBSL

Continued Health and Safety Services Support from LineBSL

We are maintaining our health and safety services


We understand there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and we send our best wishes to you, your family and co-workers during this time.

Following the recent update, delivered by Boris Johnson, we are trying to carry on with business as usual.

We fully appreciate the continued support from those clients who still require our health and safety consultancy services. We thank you in advance for this. However, we also fully understand all reasons should any client wish to postpone bookings to a later date.

Should you wish to discuss your booking with us, please do not hesitate to do so, as we will endeavour to meet your requirements as well as we possibly can.

We can also provide support for those staff members that you have considered as home workers.

We are still able to provide on-site support to assist with the undertaking of workplace health and safety services, inspections, risk assessments and accident investigations. If there is any Health & Safety support or advice you need while staff are away, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are using our health and safety consultancy services to make sure detailed guidance is being issued to all staff on the ways they can minimise the risk to customers, themselves and their colleagues. This includes issuing all staff individually with 60% alcohol sanitiser gel for use during site visits and giving practical personal advice for stopping the virus spread.

Everyone at Line Business Services is working extremely hard to ensure we continue to provide you with our health and safety services at the quality you'd expect from us during these challenging times.

Let's work together to keep ourselves safe and healthy.


Contact our health and safety services consultants at [email protected] or alternatively call 0117 986 2194.