Briefing for Senior Executives

(Approx 2 Hours)

Designed for

A briefing session in risk exposure designed for Senior Executives, Executives and Directors.

Aims and Objectives

Recent events and changes in corporate accountabilities for the management and reporting of risks are placing a greater duty on senior management teams to be proactive in the identification and control of the different types of risk exposure.

This briefing session is designed to highlight corporate accountability, ensuring that on completion of the session, the management team will:

  • Have an appreciation of the current legal duties required of the corporate body
  • Understand the role of the senior management in the exercise of those duties
  • Recognise the business impacts of calculating risk exposure
  • Understand the need for corporate reporting on risk and the implications of corporate governance
  • Know personal and corporate liabilities

Course Outline

Risk Exposure Introduction:

What is risk, and what is the business impact of unacceptable types of risk exposure?

  • Outline of The Turnbull Report and corporate governance
  • Impact on Stakeholders

What are the Personal Accountabilities?

  • Duty of the Company
  • Duty of the body corporate
  • What does the law require?
  • Penalties for failure

Outline of Legal Duties

  • Health and Safety At Work
  • Environmental Protection
  • Company Directors Disqualification

Summary and Close

If you would like to download a PDF version of the risk exposure course content, click here

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