Manual Handling Procedures Training

(½ Day)

Back injuries account for an extraordinary percentage of all injuries at work, contributing significantly to the huge number of lost working days, the costs of which are borne by the employer, and the injured person in terms of suffering discomfort or disability.

In most work environments staff may be required to lift, carry or move objects which, if moved incorrectly, can lead to accidents, injury and in the worst cases legal action.

Effective training in basic manual handling procedures and techniques can help to reduce the risk to the employee, subsequent lost time and the costs to the employer.

Designed for

All employees involved in the lifting, carrying or moving of objects.


On completion of the correct manual handling procedures course, delegates will:

  • Understand the risks associated with manual handling
  • Be able to apply the correct lifting techniques
  • Know how to make a basic risk assessment and take corrective action


What the Law Requires:

  • An outline of the manual handling policies and procedures, and any other associated regulations

Reducing the Risk:

  • Injuries and statistics
  • The size of the problem
  • The structure of the back

Assessing the Load:

  • How shape and size affect the load
  • Making judgements

Correct Lifting/Moving Techniques:

  • Practical Demonstration

Summary and Close

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