Managers' Health and Safety Awareness

(½ Day)

The duty to train all staff in basic health and safety awareness is explicit in current legislation. More importantly, training of line management promotes a proactive approach to working practices, with a risk aware workforce providing greater opportunities for the early identification of risk and control measures.

Designed for

The health and safety awareness course is suitable for line management at all levels; many employers have used a modified programme incorporating their own organisation's systems and procedures.


On completion of the health and safety awareness training course, delegates will:

  • Know the general responsibilities placed upon line management
  • Recognise the value of a sound Health and Safety Policy
  • Understand the principles of accident prevention techniques
  • Appreciate the value of personal contribution to controlling risks


Health and Safety Awareness Training Introduction:

Understanding safety, risk, hazards and accidents reflect:

  • What the law requires
  • Duty of employers
  • Duty of employees, supervisors and managers
  • Outline of other regulations/codes and guidance notes

The Purpose of Health and Safety Policy


  • General Statement
  • Organisation
  • Arrangements

Risk Assessment


  • Principles
  • Strategies
  • Controls

Accident Investigation


  • How to conduct an investigation - causation versus blame placing
  • Learning from the experience
  • Accident reporting

Accident Prevention


  • Cost versus risk evaluation
  • Treating the causes of accidents not the symptom

The Benefits of a Health and Safety Management System (SMS)

The merits of SMS are expounded - reinforcing the idea of a safety culture adopted by all staff.

Summary and Close

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