Health and Safety Risk Assessment

(1 Day)

A health and safety risk assessment is the starting point for effective HSE risk control programmes for all employers seeking to identify risks and reduce injury or loss potential.

The law requires all employers to conduct adequate and appropriate health and safety assessments for potential risks of all work activities and introduce measures to minimise or control those risks. For many employers, it is an opportunity to evaluate business risks, eliminate or reduce risks where possible and, more importantly, seek to reduce losses and insurance costs.

Designed for

All employees have specific responsibilities for other staff or work activities; ideally, supervisors, team leaders or managers would benefit from the training.


Delegates completing the health and safety assessment course for risks will:

  • Understand the concept of Hazard, Risk and Accident.
  • Understand the process and stages of effective Risk Assessments.
  • Be able to conduct suitable risk assessments and make judgements on risk control measures.
  • Be able to rank risks and set priorities.

Course Content

What is an Accident?

  • Accident causation theory
  • The value of near miss investigation - how to learn from accidents
  • The use of statistics in the process of risk assessment

Defining Hazard and Risk

  • The concept of hazard, risk and probability
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Risk perceptions

Risk Assessment

  • Understanding risk assessment
  • Classification of risks
  • Risk recording
  • Risk assessment - practical exercise

Control Techniques

  • How to consider the options
  • Elimination
  • Substitution
  • Risk reduction
  • Training

Specific Requirements

Substances, Display Screen Equipment, Manual Handling, Workplace and Work Equipment.


Integration into the Safety Management System

Summary and Close

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