Health and Safety Inspections and Auditing

(1 Day)

Health and Safety Inspections and auditing tools are crucial to the development of safety management systems to demonstrate continuous improvement and serve as inter-business benchmarking.

Line Business Services Ltd auditing promotes the integration of risk control into the culture of the organisation. Using your own format or our package, the conducting of audits in a formalised systematic approach will identify risk exposures, provide an opportunity to specify risk reductions and help to structure long term continuous improvements.

Designed for

All levels of staff with specific responsibilities for the conducting of routine health and safety inspections in the workplace.


On completion of the health and safety inspections and auditing course, delegates will:

  • Understand the difference between, and the relative importance of, inspections, safety sampling and audits
  • Recognise the growing legal duties for corporate risk reporting
  • Be able to plan health and safety audits and inspections
  • Be able to produce an inspection and audit report



  • What the law requires and the impact of specific regulations


  • Examine pre-audit routines and the importance of policies and procedures

Audit Plans and Check Lists:

  • How to produce a health and safety audits and inspections checklist

Practical Auditing:

  • How to conduct an audit from information gathering to analysis and decision making

Understanding Risk:

  • What is risk? - the cost risk balance

Control Strategy:

  • The short term improvement versus the long term sustainable risk improvement


The health and safety inspections and auditing course is designed to encourage participation using discussion and syndicate exercises.

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