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soLearn - Knowledge & Learning Management software soLearn is the ultimate knowledge and learning management system. It provides organisations with an easy to use automated process for supporting knowledge retention and compliance management testing.

 Knowledge & Learning Management software

Organisations must ensure they have appropriate competencies throughout the workforce to:


soLearn Features:

All your Business Process and Compliance awareness managed from a single platform. soLearn is an easy to use automated process for testing knowledge retention and compliance management whilst providing an auditable record for verifying your resources knowledge of operational issues and processes.

Manages all your Training and Knowledge Management awareness needs from a single on line portal.  soLearn can be applied to any business processes, training or compliance campaign where there is a requirement to test or verify retained knowledge or governance related to corporate or organisational requirements associated with legal, financial, employment, safety, quality or reputation issues related to an organisations operations.

soLearn is Universal in terms of its application, it is designed for ease of use and low maintenance. It is customisable for use in any industry, market sector, profession, organisation, government or public sector application anywhere in the world.

soLearn software can be run on a local network server or remotely as a fully hosted service.

soLearn Benefits:

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