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Business Services Helping you discover and exploit new opportunities

Business Services

Generating a successful new business idea often comes from viewing the organisation from a fresh and different perspective.

This may take the form of:

  • undertaking a strategic business analysis of your operations
  • reviewing your visions for the future
  • or introducing efficiency and transparency within the operational infrastructure and operating processes of your business.

Whichever approach you choose, Line Business Services will help you to discover and exploit new opportunities to achieve your business goals. Our expertise includes:

  • Supporting strategic business development
  • Implementing workflow for improved organisational efficiency and process improvement
  • Undertaking impartial project reviews & successfully managing projects
  • Knowledge and Risk Management
  • Mentoring and coaching staff at all levels.

We have a comprehensive track record of helping clients win strategic bids, turnaround delinquent projects, undertake independent Project Reviews and advise on a projects health. We will review project schedules and independently assess the likely hood of delivering your project to plan. Services are delivered on a consultancy or mentoring basis or we can also provide you with a Project Director, Project Manager or Business Analyst to see your project through and your efficiency goals achieved. 

Knowledge Management

Line Business Services uniquely provides soLearn which is a knowledge management software product that enables organisations to track and assess the effectiveness of its investments in training, process, compliance and satisfying mandatory legal requirements.  soLearn facilitates:

  • Testing employee knowledge of organisational issues, processes, and procedures
  • Continuously assessing knowledge retention and return on investment from employee training
  • Providing auditable records, trends and management statistics for knowledge retention, compliance, quality management and risk reduction
  • Embedding organisational culture and values
  • Supporting the welfare of employees.
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