Business Process Management

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Business Process Management Full Range of Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow Related Project Services and Solutions

Business Process Management and Workflow

Line Business Services offer a full range of Business Process Management and Workflow related project services and solutions, these include

  • Process Analysis and Design
  • Workflow Discovery Workshops

A Process-centric design approach ensures a correct view of requirements at the outset whilst Workflow Discovery Workshop, performs a needs analysis of workflow requirements, develops a clear definition of a workflow process with scope and limitations, and determines the feasibility and cost of automating the process(es).

All process documentation from a workshop is vendor-independent and becomes the property of the client.

Automating the control of business processes benefits every organisation by making the execution of key business tasks reliable and timely. It should not be seen as a luxury item, but as a way of reducing costs and improving staff productivity.

Business process automation has been around since the early 90s, but with the arrival of e-commerce and e-business its profile has been raised and is now an essential link between e-commerce activities and day-to-day manual processes.

At Line Business Services we can support you to implement change in your existing architecture and process solution or provide you a bespoke solution using our own BPM Toolkit, which combines the most important features of conventional workflow with the benefits of case management to give unrivalled control over every aspect of the business process.

Our BPM Toolkit provides:

  • All 'conventional' workflow automation functionality
  • Case management capability
  • Decision support facilities
  • Scalability
  • Support for Rapid Application Development (RAD) and incremental implementation
  • The ability to deliver solutions without comprising brand image or style.

It handles all production or administrative business process including:

  • Form and document routing applications. e.g. approvals
  • Traditional workflow, routing work into and around an organisation
  • Complex casework involving sub-processes, multiple documents and many administrators
  • Processes with high levels of automation such as Computer Based Assessment of examinations
  • 'Expert' prompt-driven decision support systems.

An example of our BPM Toolkit in action: 360° development reviews

A team of Clinical Psychologists asked us to develop a system to automate 360°development reviews. Based on our own sophisticated process management engine, the application automates the entire review process from questionnaire distribution to report production. It is used world-wide by major organisations, including many household names. With over 100,000 registered users, the system has distributed over 440,000 questionnaires and generated over 30,000 PDF reports. The system is constantly being enhanced, with new products being added on a regular basis. This is controlled and managed by us to ensure minimum disruption to existing users, not a trivial task for an application that is used around the clock.

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