William Mackay

William has a proven background in hazardous operations and adventure risk management consultancy

William Mackay, Adventure Risk Management ExpertWilliam Mackay retired early as an officer in the Army to devote more time to developing a distinct niche in the market of hazardous workplace safety/security and adventure risk management. The adventure activities side compliments the consultancy and ensures competency in offering Expert Witnesses in remote workplace operations, expeditions, mountaineering and skiing. As an IFMGA mountain guide, William has a specific interest in mountain and ski guiding.

William has a proven background in hazardous operations and adventure risk management consultancy, having formed and established the first MoD (Army) Subject Matter Expert appointment with the now well known Land Accident Investigation Team (LAIT), providing expert advice during investigations into military training, operations, adventurous training, physical training, sports and adventurous near-miss incidents. In addition, the appointment with LAIT provides advice to the Government legal teams and acts as an Expert Witness on military Boards of Inquiry. A vital requirement was to provide expert advice to leaders of military adventurous training expeditions worldwide, in particular operations and expeditions categorized as High Risk or Remote. He also advises the Army’s policy branch on Health and Safety issues and technical matters appertaining to operations, adventurous and physical training in general. William currently offers similar adventure risk management services to Law Firms, Government agencies, film/television/media companies, industries and private individuals worldwide. In 2007, William was invited by BSi to join the committee involved in the designing and role of the Standard BS 8848: a specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the UK.

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