Ken Hames

Ken believes that it is crucial for any adventure activities leader to unlock talent and potential and get people to be engaged and empowered

Ken Hames, Adventure Activities Expedition LeaderKen Hames is one of the world's leading adventure activities expedition leaders and explorers, with 20 major expeditions worldwide to date. After an impressive military career in the Special Forces, Ken opted for a new role in television, journalism and new expeditions, giving disadvantaged and disabled people the chance to realise their dreams.

Ken is an accomplished mountaineer and skier, but it is in the jungles and the deserts of the world that he has left his mark, forging new routes and voyages of discovery through previously unknown areas of the Andes and deep jungles of Central America. Ken is a survival and bushcraft expert in all terrains; this is the sort of stuff that will save your life rather than enhance your TV viewing!

As a personal coach and mentor to many leading businessmen and women and an advisor to the British Para Olympic association, Ken takes personal development very seriously. He believes in an experiential approach allowing people to experiment with their behaviours in diverse and testing environments. Ken believes that any leader must unlock talent and potential and get people to be engaged and empowered by seeing exciting possibilities for the future.

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