BS 8848

BS 8848 is a relatively new Standard that specifies operational requirements for organisers of adventurous and educational activities abroad

Reasons for BS 8848

BS 8848 is a relatively new Standard that specifies operational requirements for organisers of adventurous and educational activities abroad. It includes university and academic fieldwork, gap year experiences, adventure holidays, charity challenges and research expeditions. As a Standard, BS 8848 pulls together expertise and a framework for demonstrating good practice for the safe management of ventures outside the United Kingdom by applying principles of good management to ensure that risks are managed effectively.

Those wishing to claim conformance with BS 8848 can do so through self-declaration, or through other-party assessment, or by certification by an independent organisation. Potential participants and other stakeholders in a venture are likely to have greater confidence in those ventures which are assessed by an organisation independent to the venture provider. 

Adventurous or hazardous activities undertaken without appropriate training or experience can be high-risk,  and possibly result in injury, illness or death to an individual or disruption to the operations of an organisation. For further information please contact us.

Purpose of BS 8848

BS 8848 covers the preparation and execution of adventurous activities abroad so that the level of risk involved is reasonable and acceptable. It will prepare participants for these risks, and for the actions and behaviour required to keep risks down to acceptable levels.

BS 8848 can be applied by any group or individual seeking to verify that ventures outside the UK organised, or provided, by them have safety management systems in place that are proportionate to the level of risk likely to be inherently or deliberately present in the venture, taking into account the capabilities/life experience of the participants.

It applies to organisers of overseas activities including:


  • Adventure holidays 
  • University and academic fieldwork
  • Gap-year activities
  • Research expeditions
  • Travel and tour operators 
  • Charity challenges.

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What does BS 8848 help to achieve?

BS 8848 does not aim to make adventurous activities safe. Following it, however, should reduce the risks associated with adventure activities and facilitate the necessary action to ensure that the riskiest elements are well managed for inexperienced participants.

BS 8848 can help minimise risk through:

  • Giving guidance on how to recognise a safe and well organised overseas venture
  • Establishing best practice for organisers
  • Helping a user recognise whether a venture is safe 
  • Preparing participants for the risks involved
  • Aiming to reduce risk of injury and near misses
  • Providing clear accountability and defined roles for everyone involved.

BS 8848 should enable organisers to identify a true line of accountability in terms of:

  • The responsibilities of the venture leader, leadership team and support team
  • Supervision of participants
  • The responsibilities of a third party provider
  • The use of risk analysis and management systems.

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