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Outdoor Adventure Activities Audits and Assessment

In support of the increasing popularity of adventure tourism, Line Business Services Ltd has brought together a team of specialists in this global industry. Together they have over 100 years of experience in auditing a very wide range of adventure activities.

Our senior team is backed up by access to many other experts throughout the world who are available to undertake independent audits for activity providers, enabling them to achieve an independent BS 8848 certification. Such certification will give commercial providers increased credibility in the marketplace; and assure institutional providers (schools, colleges, etc.) that their staff have the skills to organise activities in line with good safety practices.

Our consultants have experience in all areas and environments around the world, from the freezing landscapes of the Arctic to the mountains of the Himalayas and the world’s most remote jungles and deserts.

Our Service

We can provide basic information on how best to manage your venture, giving you advice on safety issues you may not have considered and assuring you that the risks associated with the outdoor adventure activities you have organised have been identified and the action necessary to manage them has been taken or planned for (as appropriate). Alternatively, we can provide a full audit of your systems to BS 8848 standard, which may include a visit to the venture provider at their activity location.

If you are a provider of outdoor and adventure activities, we can appoint a technical advisor to provide information on the latest best practice or even help you gain an Independent BS 8848 Certification. By assessing or auditing your safety operating procedures, we can enhance your corporate status to potential end-users, making you the attractive choice for future clients giving you increased credibility.

Throughout the whole inspection and auditing process, our consultants are aware of the potential impact of the activity on the global environment and are well qualified to advise on ways to minimise it.

Our consultants and local contacts are fully aware of political situations, security issues, local customs and etiquette of the countries in which they work. They will:

  • Assess or Audit to a recognised British Standard
  • Audit to in-country Standards – helped by a trusted network of local nationals
  • Use experts for the country you are going to with vital local  knowledge
  • Use a highly visual reporting system
  • Provide a post-audit presentation
  • Be able to offer post-audit support when in-country, such as crisis management.

Adventure Activities Independently Audited By Line Business Services LtdOutdoor Adventure Activities Independently Assessed By Line Business Services Ltd

We are also able to provide information and training on hazardous environments and personal security issues.

Senior Consultant Profiles

William Mackay

William has a proven background in hazardous operations and adventure risk management consultancy

William Mackay retired early as an officer in the Army to devote more time to developing a distinct niche in the market of hazardous workplace safety/security and adventure risk management.

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Ken Hames

Ken believes that it is crucial for any adventure activities leader to unlock talent and potential and get people to be engaged and empowered

Ken Hames is one of the world's leading adventure activities expedition leaders and explorers, with 20 major expeditions worldwide to date. After an impressive military career in the Special Forces, Ken opted for a new role in television, journalism and new expeditions, giving disadvantaged and disabled people the chance to realise their dreams.

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Mike Mooney

Mike is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for outdoor pursuits and a concise, professional and fresh approach

Mike Mooney is an experienced and successful educationalist with extensive experience in Physical and Outdoor Education, having worked as an active participant in the field for over 30 years.

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Pelle Bagewitz

Pelle has specialized himself in excursion risk assessments and works for various clients dealing with hazarders’ situations

Pelle Bagewitz lives in France and works as a mountain guide around the world.

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